Aussie Open Want To Give Will Ospreay The Chance To Slap Kenny Omega In AEW Trios Tournament

Aussie Open want to see Kenny Omega get slapped by Will Ospreay.

In an interview with Denise Salcedo, Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open was asked to describe his reaction to finding out that they would compete in the tournament and seeing Omega return to be part of it. He described how they’re excited, and they’re looking forward to a potential showdown with Omega and the Young Bucks.

“I think it was just, ‘Hell yeah, let’s absolutely get after it.’ I think we’ve always just been chasing championships all around the world, every chance we get. We wanna hold gold in every place that we go, so the fact that AEW were like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s do this, you’re in the tournament.’ We were like, oh hell yeah, we’re so ready for that opportunity. Then when the brackets showed up, even better. First we got Death Triangle, that’s gonna be an absolute killer match for sure. It just made us even more excited. Seeing Kenny come out, it’s just, we wanna get through to that second round even more now, now that they’re there. We know that Will’s gonna wanna get through to that second round even more now. So we’re just hungry, man,

“I mean I’m hungry to wrestle the Bucks. Always have been, but I’m even hungrier to get William the opportunity to slap Kenny. I’m gonna work as hard as I can. Honestly, that first round, there’s no way I’m going out. I’m gonna drag us through if we have to. I’m hungry for it, I can’t wait. Literally some of the best professional wrestlers that are going today. Death Triangle, PAC in the first round, I mean I’m not looking past them. It’s just an incredible field of talent, and I’m hungry, man. I’m so hungry, I can’t wait,”

Kyle Fletcher to Denise Salcedo

United Empire will take on Death Triangle in a first-round match on the August 24 episode of AEW Dynamite.

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