Road Dogg Has Interesting Defense Of Vince McMahon Banning Certain Terms In WWE

Road Dogg believes Vince McMahon banning certain terms in WWE has helped him grow his vocabulary of words.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Road Dogg opened up about how Vince McMahon banning certain words forced him to expand his vocabulary.

“People always made fun of Vince banning words. For me, and this is straight from my heart and straight from my brain, he taught me a ton of words, and he extended my vocabulary,” said Road Dogg. Because he would not let you say certain things. So you had to find other ways to say it and I think he thought there was a negative connotation against wrestling, and the wrestling world, and wrestlers. So he created World Wrestling Entertainment and has WWE Superstars, you know what I mean? There’s nothing wrong with that. I think if it’s your company, you can definitely call your people whatever you want. I think he thought it brought it up to a classier level. I don’t disagree with him.

“I think it did exactly that,” he continued. “The John Cenas of the world, The Rocks of the world. These guys have been accepted outside of the wrestling business because WWE is kind of bigger than wrestling. It will go back to being a wrestling company now and we’ll see how that fares financially, whether it’s prosperous, or not, only time will tell that but, that’s up to the viewer. ‘Do I want to see a big huge guy that’s marketable?’ Like, do I want to be with that guy If I’m a woman? Do I want to be that dude, if I’m a man, and if not, I don’t know how marketable that guy is.”

Road Dogg on Oh You Didn’t Know?

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