Lex Luger On The Current State Of Wrestling: I don’t think the future has ever been brighter

Lex Luger believes wrestling is better than ever.

Lex Luger was a star in the WWE and WCW in the 80’s and 90’s. But, unlike some other legends, Luger is in favor of the current state of Pro-Wrestling. Luger sat down with PWMania to speak on the current state of the business following Vince McMahon’s retirement, where he says he believes the future has never been brighter.

I don’t think the future has ever been brighter. Social media platforms with WWE are enormous. It’s continuing to grow globally, and it grew so much from when we did it. I love it, I’m a big fan now. The athleticism of these guys, they can do stuff that only a few of us even dreamed of back when I wrestled. The women also are knocking it out of the park. A lot of them are working better than some of the men now. It’s just a great time to be a wrestling fan and a wrestler. The future is very, very bright for professional wrestling. I evolved from a wrestler to a wrestling fan now. I enjoy it.

– Lex Luger via PWMania

Lex Luger enjoying Pro-Wrestling as a fan is such a good sight to see. You can check out Lex Luger’s WWE Legends A&E Biography this Sunday on A&E.

H/T PWMania

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