Claudio Castagnoli Reveals He Doesn’t Get Dizzy During Giant Swings

Claudio has a good sense of balance despite doing a lot of rotations.

Castagnoli has used the giant swing as part of his in ring moveset since the early days of his WWE career. It is a substantial show of strength from Claudio, and has been a popular spot with fans. The most recent example of the swing being used creatively was at Blood And Guts where Claudio is swung Chris Jericho on top of the cage.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on Insight at Starrcast V, Claudio was asked if he ever gets tired or dizzy from performing the move.

“It depends,” he said. “The longest I’ve ever swung somebody, the crowd counted to 100. I was made aware from people online that it was actually only 88 revolutions. That’s still a lot of rounds. It all depends on the opponent, how hot the crowd is, how tired I am. It doesn’t make me dizzy. Just my legs get tired. I’ve heard from many people that it’s their least favorite move to take and they absolutely hate it to the point where they almost refuse to take it because it makes them dizzy and they hate. It. I tell them to relax, which I guess is the wrong thing [laughs].”

Claudio Castagnoli to Insight

H/t to Fightful for transcription

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