Chris Harris Talks About James Storm And Beer Money

Tag team partner animosity? Not from Chris Harris.

America’s Most Wanted was one of TNA’s hottest tag teams back in the day, featuring Chris Harris and James Storm. But, once Chris Harris left TNA, James Storm moved on with a solo career before being paired up in another tag team with Bobby Roode as ‘Beer Money.’ While the teams weren’t exactly the same, they did have some similarities, mainly cowboys drinking beer. Classic. Recently, Chris Harris sat down on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to talk about James Storm joining a new team in Beer Money.

A lot of people asked me at that time ‘What do you think of Beer Money?’ They thought that I would trash it, but I was the number one fan of Beer Money, I thought that they were great. I loved Bobby Roode, I travelled with him, good friend of mine. So when Strom and him hooked up, I think for similar reasons, they [TNA] didn’t have anything for them at the time, and they wanted to make it work. But yeah, they became very successful and it doesn’t surprise me that Storm was a part of that. He knew what to do and he knew what not to do in that department. The thing is, a lot of people have compared us to Beer Money, and I know nowadays a lot of people, Beer Money gets the nod. But it brings me back to as the company was building, they were getting more fans watching every week. As America’s Most Wanted was gone, they were still increasing viewers. So I think more eyes were on Beer Money, so that would be their favorite.

– Chris Harris via INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet

Wether it’s America’s Most Wanted or Beer Money, both tag teams are iconic fixtures in TNA/IMPACT and both teams deserve their flowers.

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