Natalya Shares Story Of Rey Mysterio Giving Tyson Kidd His WrestleMania Moment

Natalya heaps praise onto Rey Mysterio for his 20th anniversary.

Natalya spoke in a WWE Digital video where superstars shared their memories of Rey Mysterio, and mentioned the time Rey gave Tyson Kidd his WrestleMania moment.

“There has never been anyone in our industry that has worn a mask that can express emotion as well as Rey Mysterio,” 

“There was a match that he had, this is great because it’s not ever talked about, Rey was competing against TJ in 2010 on Superstars, literally a week before he was set to have a huge WrestleMania singles match in 2010. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited Rey was to have the opportunity to work with TJ and TJ was like a kid in a candy shop. He was on cloud nine. Anybody who was anybody of influence watched the match and because of what Rey did for TJ, and how much he let TJ shine, he literally gave TJ a WrestleMania moment when TJ wasn’t part of that WrestleMania. It makes me emotional talking about it because that’s the kind of person Rey is. He wants everybody he’s in there with shining. To this day, TJ will still pull up that match and watch it back. He thinks of that match as his WrestleMania moment and it was because of Rey giving that match to TJ and TJ having somebody who believed in him enough to rise to that occasion.”

Natalya on WWE Digital

Rey continues to feud with The Judgement Day on Monday Night RAW along with his son Dominik and Edge.

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