Britt Baker Aiming To Help AEW Become Mainstream

Britt Baker has a goal in mind with AEW.

Since AEW was founded in 2019, there have been very few stars who have been there for the beginning who are on the current active roster. Several, like Kenny Omega, are injured. However, Britt Baker has become the star of AEW’s women’s division and even without the AEW Women’s World Title she has remained prominent on AEW programming.

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con (via Absolute Geek Podcast), Baker discussed what’s next for AEW as they continue to grow.

“I think just being a part of anything that’s brand new, there’s ups and downs, and it is stressful because you want to be part of something successful, not something that’s a failure. But now that we’ve gotten past that, it’s like this sigh of relief like, ‘Okay, thank god, we’re doing it, it’s working.’ Now I think what’s next for us is, for most people in the world, WWE is the number one wrestling promotion. You can pick out anybody on the street, they know what WWE is. Not everybody knows what AEW is yet, and I wanna get to a point where it is super mainstream and we do more entertainment and mainstream crossovers so that they can see one of our stars and they go, ‘Oh, that person’s a wrestler from AEW,’ not just, ‘who is that person?’ So I think that’s what’s next for us is just growing massively because we have a successful show, we have a great show, we have great leadership, we have great wrestlers, we have a great product. Let’s get more eyes on it because it’s so great and we should have more eyes on it,”

Britt Baker to Absolute Geek Podcast

While AEW are consistently pulling in over 900,000 viewers most weeks, they have not crossed over into the mainstream just yet.

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