Exclusive: Just Joe Lando On His GCW Debut, Speedball Mike Bailey, US Tour and more.

Just Joe Lando (22) is one of premier high flyers in Europe, who for the past 5 years, has being blazing a path through the UK and Europe.

Over the past two years Joe Lando has made debuts for some of the biggest promotions in the UK including Rev Pro UK, PROGRESS and TNT Extreme Wrestling.

Just Joe Lando picking up the win on his debut for TNT Extreme Wrestling

Alongside the CPF (Close Personal Friends), Maverick Mayhew, Danny Black and Callum Newman, Joe and CPF have quickly become 4 of the brightest young prospects across any continent.

The #CPF Just Joe Lando, Maverick Mayhew, Callum Newman and Danny Black following their PROGRESSS Debut

Joe recently set off to America for a tour of the US independent scene that will see him debut for one of the worlds biggest independent promotions GCW, where he will be facing the likes of IMPACT superstar Speedball Mike Bailey as well as former NXT star Blake Christian.

I was lucky enough to sit down and speak to Just Joe Lando earlier this week, about his upcoming debut for GCW, his recent debuts for PROGRESS and TNT Extreme as well as the CPF;

Me: So the last time you were on our show you were a fresh faced 19 year old, so when you head out to the states are you going to be legally able to drink

Joe: I am 22, was it really 19 the last time I was on the show, Maybe your thinking of Callum (Newman), Callum was still only 19, Callum is the baby of the CPF, but yeah I am 22.

ME: Now what many of the US fans probably wont know but we learnt the last time we spoke, is the fact that you are actually American and the Name Lando, comes from your home city Orlando

Joe: I am indeed, I was originally born in Orlando Florida, so I have dual citizenship, I have an American Passport so that makes it so much easier wrestling out here.

Me: When we last spoke we asked you about hopes for the future and where you’d like to tour including Europe, Japan and America your answer America so this tour must feel like a dream come true?

Joe: For the past 2 years really, its just what I’ve obsessed over, wrestling out in the states. I was very public about it sometimes I shy away from putting my goals out to the public cause it can be embarrassing if you don’t achieve them especially if you set a date for them. But I was very public with this one I was very confident that I would get it and here I am.

Me: When we asked about any promotions you really wanted to appear for, your answer was an emphatic answer and at the time it was GCW, so how excited are you to make your debut for them?

Joe: I manifested it, I manifested it. It’s weird it’s still a week and half away so I have still got time to prepare I am definitely settling in. I am in Indianapolis now, I just I don’t think it will feel real until I get there, I am still a fan of the GCW Product, I still follow all there stuff. So to actually be, I am wrestling in the Showboat in Atlantic City, I’ve seen so many great matches and moments that have taken place there, so yeah wrestling there is going to feel wild.

Me: You are set to face IMPACT Wrestling superstar Speedball Mike Bailey, any thoughts on your up coming opponent?

Joe: Again I have been a fan of his for years, I have followed his stuff for years. I think I first saw or found out about Speedball was when he was still doing stuff for PWG again another promotion I am huge fan of. I just fell in love his work it’s only been the last year he’s been able to wrestle again in the states and he’s just dominated the scene. Not just only there just all over I know he’s just come to the UK, he’s wrestled Callum Newman in fact, so I will be the second close Personal Friend to wrestle him. So yeah I am really, really excited for that one I mean it is the biggest match of my career.

Me: Did you scout Speedball’s recent Match in Manchester against Fireball Francesco Akira for Rev Pro UK’s Summer Sizzler 2022, I know Callum was on the card, were you there?

Joe: No I wasn’t there but I Guess I am constantly scouting him as I say I am a fan of his so I keep up with all his work

Me: This year has already seen you make huge debuts here in the UK, including PROGRESS alongside Danny Black, Callum Newman and Maverick Mayhew as the CPF and more recently with TNT Extreme Wrestling, how incredible has this year been for you?

Joe: Yeah it’s surreal it’s been so cool. I have been wrestling for 5 years now and yeah promotions like Rev Pro, like PROGRESS, like TNT Extreme they’ve been ones that from the get go been striving to be on so yeah hard work is really paying off. Its cool that I am there and it’s cool that I am there to stay as well, I’ve spoken with TNT and there happy to have me back. Obviously PROGRESS I have done a few shows for now and I’ve got a few more booked in, so yeah its cool to be like a main stay in these promotions now.

Me: And what’s it been like to make your debuts with these top promotions along side the CPF?

Joe: That’s the coolest part of it all, as much as we are the close personal friends on PROGRESS and on Vlogs, that is real life we genuinely are like all best friends in real life. You know many people have their best friends in wrestling and many people share locker rooms with their best friends. But not not many can say that they get wrestle big matches in big promotions alongside their best friends. It’s crazy that we’re all in the same point of our careers and we’re all like making this journey together literally.

Me: You and your CPF buddies have been making waves and touring in Europe are you hopeful that you’ll get to do tour in the US along side your Close Personal Friends?

Joe: Yeah that’s a big part of the reason why I’m here now. As much as I am Just Joe Lando I am also a dedicated member of the CPF. So yeah everything I do out here, I have my future set on bringing the boys back with me next time.

Me: Now GCW is not the only promotion you’ll be working with out in the United Sates your there for month are you able to provide us any other dates and promotions?

Joe: Yeah, I am working for Deadlock Pro this Saturday on the 6th in North Carolina. I have 4 shows for GCW booked, so far well I have been announced for all 4 shows. But the only matches that have been announced is Speedball on the Sunday the 14th and then the following week I am against Blake Christian on the Friday the 19th so yeah that’s also a huge match, I myself don’t know the other two matches for GCW so I guess I’ll find out when you do.

Me: Whilst your out on tour in the US I know you’ve started a daily Vlog?

Joe: I am very active on my YouTube Channel right now I am trying to get it to 1000 subscribers I think I am sitting at like 960 so not too far off I am doing daily Vlogs for when I am here or as daily as they can be, for like GCW weekender I will merge them into one, so hashtag Summer Of Lando, I filmed episode 4 today so that will be going out later tonight my time so then as well I have just edited CPF vlog episode 2 which highlighted when we went to TNT Extreme in Liverpool,

So Joe’s US Tour kicks off this weekend at Deadlock Pro Wrestling’s Believe The Hype on the 6th of August. Joe is set to compete in fatal 5 way along with Jay Malachi, Shawn Kemp, Chase Holliday and Lucky Ali.

Joe makes his GCW debut against IMPACT Superstar Speedball Mike Bailey at GCW’s Homecoming Night 2 on the 14th of August. Joe will face Blake Christian when GCW make their Charlotte Debut on the 19th of August.

Joe Lando is out in the US until the 25th of August and is still available for booking for some dates whilst he is out there based in Indiana. It’s no doubt we will see more dates announced whilst he is out there.

The full Just Joe Lando interview will be available to watch on the Tea & Tights: A Great British Podcast, Bodyslam.net YouTube Channel by the end of the week.

Written by Andy More of the Tea & Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast

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