Daniel Garcia Claims To Be The AEW MVP Of The Last Year

Daniel Garcia isn’t short on a lot of things in wrestling, least of all confidence.

Since debuting in AEW last year, Daniel Garcia has had an incredible run in the promotion. Garcia has most recently been a part of the Jericho Appreciation Society and recently got the biggest win of his pro wrestling career when he defeated Bryan Danielson by submission on this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

Speaking on the Battleground podcast, Garcia explained why he feels he’s been the MVP of AEW over the past year.

“Definitely, when it comes to AEW, I’ve been the MVP over the past year, since I’ve got here. It’s about to be my year anniversary in AEW. I’ve had the most televised main events over the past year. Every opportunity that they’ve given me, I’ve knocked it out of the park. Right when I got to AEW, everyone goes, ‘Who is Daniel Garcia? Why is he getting so many main events?’ Once a main event happened, the next one happened, the next one happened, you saw how high of a level I was performing at. Everyone knew why I was getting put in those situations. Tony (Khan) can see talent and pick out talent. He was able to see my talent very early on. Other people are just starting to catch up to what Tony was seeing.”

Daniel Garcia on Battleground Podcast

Time will tell how Garcia will continue to be pushed in AEW and if Garcia’s word is any indication, Tony Khan sees the talent in the JAS member.

H/T to Fightful for transcription

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