TNT Extreme Wrestling – Project X – Preview and Prediction

This coming Thursday the 21st of July, TNT Extreme Wrestling shine a light on the British wrestling Cruiserweight scene, with a show that caters to the high flying and exciting performers of their Ultra X Division with a Cruiserweight Tournament and Ultra X Championship match;

The Cruiserweight tournament will crown a new No. 1 Contender for the Ultra X Championship, 8 competitors 4 qualifiers with a Project X finale, taking inspiration from IMPACT’s Ultimate X match, will see two 20ft scaffold like structures meeting in the middle like an X.

The tournament see 8 of the hottest young superstars in the UK including Man Like Dereiss, Leon Slater, Kid Lykos II, Nico Angelo, Joe Lando, Callum Newman, Danny Black and Maverick Mayhew.

You Can Check out the Tea & Tights A Great British Wrestling Podcast, Preview and Prediction show for the TNT Extreme Project X below;

Full Line Up below;

VIP Dark Match: LJ Cleary vs Leyton Buzzard

A Great Match has been lined up for the VIP ticket holders with two of the rising stars of the UK Scene as Leyton Buzzard faces LJ Cleary. Buzzard has really stood head and shoulders above many of the young talents that have come through ICW since their return, recently winning the Square Go Suitcase for a shot at the ICW Championship at some point in the near future. On the other side LJ Cleary has been doing the exact same thing on the Irish Wrestling Scene with promotions such as OTT, Fight Factory Pro and Phoenix Wrestling, he has been getting several more bookings throughout UK.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

LJ Cleary Win: Stephen and Dan

Leyton Buzzard Win: Andy

Kid Lykos II vs Nico Angelo – Project X Qualifier

The battle of Lykos Gym should be an exciting match up, two men that have been under the stewardship of Kid Lykos who is himself one the best Jr Heavyweight/Cruiserweights in the UK. Kid Lykos II has really been making a name for himself since taking up the Lykos moniker, he is a former Ultra X Champion, a former PROGRESS Tag team champion alongside his mentor Kid Lykos. Nico Angelo may not be as well known, he is currently one the UK’s best kept secrets, he has made appearances for Rev Pro UK, known for some of the biggest dives on the UK scene currently so this will be interesting match up.

Tea And Tights Team Predictions:

Kid Lykos II win: Stephen and Dan

Nico Angelo win: Andy

Man Like Dereiss vs Danny Black – Project X Qualifier

Man Like Dereiss and Danny Black are two young men who have been making a name for themselves at PROGRESS and two of the hottest young prospects of the new generation of PROGRESS. Man Like Deriess is just coming off the back of a run as PROGRESS tag team champion alongside Dan Maloney, Dereiss is a hybrid Jr Heavyweight/Cruiserweight blessed with speed, power and athleticism. Danny Black has impressed with his run in the Natural Progression Series, a string of incredible matches including one match against then PROGRESS World Champion Cara Noir, recently making waves as the Close Personal Friends, more on them later.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

Danny Black Win: Dan

Man Like Dereiss Win: Andy and Sephen

Leon Slater vs Callum Newman – Project X Qualifier

A match between of two of the highest rated young talents in British Wrestling exploding on to the scene with incredible displays against some the UK’s very best. Callum Newman is seen as the protoge of Will Ospreay and even Will Ospreay has said that at a comparative age he believes Newman is lightyears ahead of him, blessed with incredible speed and is one of bigger boys in this tournament and also a member of the close personal friends. Leon Slater has burst onto to the scene literally out of nowhere with jaw dropping performances that have seen him steal the show at the PROGRESS all BAME show, bring the roof down in North Wrestling and more.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

Callum Newman Win: Andy, Dan and Stephen

Just Joe Lando vs Maverick Mayhew

The final qualifying match for the Project X sees two of the Close Personal Friends battle it out for a spot. Maverick Mayhew could be seen as the dark horse in the CPF often over shadowed by the slightly more exciting Newman, Lando and Black, he is however probably the best technical wrestler amongst them and really brings a different dimension to the group and tournament. He is off to the US soon to be part of GCW’s homecoming shows, probably the biggest flipper of the CPF and more willing take a crazy dive or two, he like all the rest has been dropping jaws all over the UK with some of his recent performances.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

Maveric Mayhew Win: Dan

Just Joe Lando Win: Andy and Stephen

Gene Munny vs Scott Garland

Scott Garland the former Scotty 2 Hotty makes his second stop at TNT Extreme Wrestling this year on his second UK tour, he once again collides with that Damn Dirty Dog Gene Munny. Gene Munny asked for this match, sending out a video directed Scott Garland, talking all about the bad luck he’s had since the last time they faced each other and Scott Garland being the nice guy he is accepted this match.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

Scott Garland Win: Dan

Gene Munny Win: Andy and Stephen

Mark Haskins (c) vs Robbie X vs Scotty Rawk – Ultra X Championship Match

In the semi main event we have a triple threat match for the Ultra X championship, that spans three generations of British Wrestling Jr Heavyweights/Cruiserweights. The Current Ultra X Champion Mark Haskins is one of the most decorated performers in British Wrestling, he has been seen as one of the top Jr heavyweight competitors in the UK for the better part of ten years. Robbie X has been one of the best kept secrets of British Wrestling for the better part of the last 5 years, really standing out in the past couple as one of the top Jr Heavyweight performers, he is in the best shape of his career and with a ton momentum on his side. Then there is Scotty Rawk the youngest member of the match and one of the brightest talents in the UK, recently winning the British Wrestling Revolution Cruiserweight Championship, mixing high flying with hard strikes he should not be overlooked in this match.

Tea and Tights Team Predictions

Robbie X Win: Andy, Dan and Stephen

Project X final Match

Ultimate X returns to the UK for the first time in 10 years, expect this to be an electric main event regardless of who ever qualifies for the match.

Tea and Tights Team Prediction Project X Winner

Andy picks Nico Angelo, Dan picks Maverick Mayhew, and Stephen picks Man Like Dereiss.

TNT Extreme’s Project is this Thursday the 21st of July at the Camp Furnace in Liverpool tickets are available at

Written by Andy More (@GBOtaku) of the Tea and Tights: A Great British Podcast