Goldberg Denies Refusing To Put Over The Fiend

The Fiend was dethroned as Universal Champion by Goldberg back in 2020, and many fans were not happy.

The Fiend vs Goldberg took place in February 2020 at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia for the WWE Universal Championship. Goldberg picked up the win which caused a massive uproar of backlash from fans all over the world. In a interview with SHAK Wrestling, Goldberg was asked about speculation on him refusing to put The Fiend over, and this is what he had to say.

I’m  a talent and I do what the boss tells me to do. I flew to Saudi Arabia knowing I was going to lose. Then somehow it changed and the finish was different. It surely wasn’t me because it’s an extremely selfish move to do. Truly it wouldn’t be about the business. It would be about myself.. Who the hell am I, as a part-time guy, to come in and demand anything? First and foremost, I’ve never said no to putting anybody over. Maybe back in WCW I didn’t agree with putting Jericho over or something like that.. Not in a million years in that Fiend situation in Saudi would I have done that. No way in hell.

– Goldberg via SHAK Wrestling

Goldberg said that he’d like to see Bray in person to make sure he doesn’t believe that he had the match change.

H/T Fightful

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