Will Ospreay Wants Match With Andrade, Annoyed Wrestling Politics Preventing It Happening

Will Ospreay isn’t happy with the roadblocks preventing him squaring off with Andrade.

A match many fans want to see, Andrade vs Ospreay is a match would undoubtedly deliver on the hype surrounding the match. Unfortunately, Andrade is not allowed to work with NJPW talent and due to this, was absent from Forbidden Door last month.

While speaking to “Wrestle Inn,” Will Ospreay talked about not being able to face Andrade. He made it clear he was annoyed by all the politics that prevented the match from happening.

“If I can just talk with the boss from AAA and CMLL –we just all get in the room together, alright? We’ll have a couple tequilas, we’ll enjoy ourselves, you know what I mean? We can sort all this sh*t out, just have a sit-down. Let’s just talk; there doesn’t need to be any of this politics anymore. There’s no reason why there should be politics in pro wrestling anymore. I can’t be bothered with it.”

Will Ospreay to Wrestle Inn

Ospreay obviously believes that a match between he and Andrade would produce a spectacular match. Time will tell if the politics related to this dream match can be solved in the near future.

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