Killer Kross Open To Working With AEW

Killer Kross is now working around the independent scene, but he’s open to working with AEW, but only with a plan.

Killer Kross, formerly Karrion Kross in WWE and NXT, has worked in various places including IMPACT in the past and now working his was around various independent promotions. After being released by WWE, many fans wondered if we’d see Kross in AEW. But, we have not up to this point in time. While speaking to Kevin Kellam, Killer Kross talked about whether he would be open to working for AEW in the future.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to say this, because you know they love to take things out of context. I’m an open book with this stuff. I’m open to working with any television company as long as there will be a time where we can sit down before we get started and figure out what the endgame is of what we’re doing. I’m not throwing any shade or trying to imply anything. I’m not in a position where I absolutely have to say yes to anything that’s offered to me. I’m not scared of losing my fan base. I’m not scared of losing momentum. I see human beings every weekend. They tell us how they feel about us and the feeling is mutual. We’re very grateful for our fan base. We’re not feeling desperate to be back on TV. I know some guys feel like there’s this fear for the social media optics, for the optics of it. With the experience that we just had on television, we don’t want to make the same mistake twice. We didn’t have the ability to listen to our audience and be like, ‘They’re right’, because this is what we signed up for. That’s not me complaining or being salty about it. We knew what we were getting involved in. The next time we’re going to do something big, if it is with that company or another company, we want to make sure that all hands are on the wheel and we understand what it is exactly what we’re doing because I know what the fans want to see out of us. It’s up to me, actually, to make sure that the person I’m working for understands that because they have a lot of stuff to shuffle around and a lot to pay attention to. So if we can get to that point where we can sit down and create something collectively together where we know they’re gonna love this and enjoy it, I can be on board anywhere.

– Killer Kross

We’ll have to wait and see if Killer Kross will show up in AEW eventually or not. Recently, Kross noted he would not go back to IMPACT.

H/T RingsideNews

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