Dolph Ziggler Future Plans On RAW Revealed

Dolph Ziggler returned to Monday night RAW last night.

During the main event tag team match on last nights edition of Monday Night RAW, Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he would make his way down to ringside, where he would take a seat. He would merely observe for most of the time he was at ringside, but when Theory tried to cheat his way to a win over Riddle, Ziggler reacted, knocking Theory’s foot off the bottom rope. Ziggler would then lay out Theory with a superkick following the ending of the match.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, this is all part of the plan to make Theory better in the long run.

“So, Ziggler’s a babyface. They did it at the house shows. I think they just want him running around with Austin Theory at shows every night for a couple nights a week every week for a while because they’re bound and determined to make Austin Theory into something. It’s a good guy to bring back for that. I think they have the mentality that whatever they’re going to do with Theory down the line allows them to beat him all the time right now, which almost makes you think that maybe he will cash in successfully at some point.”

“He’s got what, a year? So, they could go after Mania, I suppose if they want to drag it out for a long time. For a guy who they’re pushing, they are not protecting him from getting pinned. Even at the house shows. You know, I was very surprised Ziggler beat him at the house shows this weekend. Now, it makes a lot more sense… It’s a smart move. Get a guy who’s a really good veteran, a really good worker, and his role is to make Theory and make Theory into a better wrestler.”

Dave Meltzer on The Wrestling Observer Radio

Time will how long this feud will last, but if Dolph will continue to foil every move Theory makes, it may lead to some comedic hijinks that will get a laugh from most fans. For now, Ziggler and Theory will continue to have matches on the house show circuit.

H/T Ringside News for transcription

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