X-Pac Rips Into Eddie Kingston Body Shamers

Eddie Kingston may not look like your average pro wrestler, but he sure wrestles like one.

Eddie Kingston is one of the competitors in the industry who connects with the fan on multiple levels. Loved by many fans of the AEW product, he has proven to be a captivating babyface in his rivalry with Chris Jericho, which is set to culminate in a Barbed Wire Death Match on July 20th’s Dynamite.

Recently, Kingston was subjected to a lot of body-shaming by those who believe anyone with a beer gut can’t be an athlete. X-Pac took to Twitter and defended Kingston from all the body-shaming as well.

Most of these criticisms come from people who don’t have the 1st clue what makes someone a good athlete. FYI: It has zero to do with whether or not you can see their 6 pack.

X-Pac On Twitter

Of course, Kingston has proven the doubters wrong with several memorable matches in AEW from the brawler. Time will tell how much more over Kingston can get, in AEW.

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