Santino Marella Receives Major Backlash For Booking Marty Scurll For His Promotion

Fans are not happy with Santino Marella for booking Marty Scurll.

One of the most deeply effected pro wrestlers of the Speaking Out movement in the last few years was Marty Scurll. While not completely blackballed in the industry like Joey Ryan, he has found getting dates in major promotions almost impossible.

Santino Marella took to Twitter to promote Scurll’s appearance in Marella’s promotion and was met with criticism for booking Scurll with his history of sexual misconduct.

Save the date, August 13, 22, Marty Scurll in a way you’ve never seen him before! @BattleArts_PRO#DonKolovArena#Mississauga#Toronto#ProWrestler’s #BJJ#MMA#Boxing#CombatSports

Santino Marella on Twitter

Fans of course were not happy with this, with many criticising the move, including’s Kiley Fuller.

Time will tell if Marella will continue to promote Scurll after the reactions from fans.

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