Marko Stunt Speaks On Tony Khan And His Contract Not Being Renewed

Marko Stunt was a former AEW star who’s now gone from the company

We saw Marko in AEW as apart of Jurassic Express alongside Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Mostly, Marko was in a managerial type role but did wrestle on occasion in AEW. Recently, Marko’s AEW contract was not renewed and he is now gone from the company after being an original. He spoke with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston to talk about his contract not being renewed and his relationship with Tony Khan, the owner of AEW.

He really is a good, nice dude, really easy to confront and talk to, I never had any issues with him. There was a time where we were talking every day, every day we were at work. There was a time where there were groups of us and he’d be there and just hang out with all of us. It was not as big of a group as there is now, so there is a lot less people in the hang out area. He wants to hear ideas. Does he always go with them? No. At the end of the day, it’s what he wants to do. He was very approachable and easy to talk to.

– Marko Stunt via NBC Sports Boston

In 2022, after being with the company from the start, Marko’s contract was not renewed and his communication with Tony stalled.

This is where the communication lagged a lot, when time started running out. I meant to say this, as I was saying we [Khan and I] were close, there was a time where we weren’t (close) either. From there, we would see each other at work and just be ‘Ah, hey, hey, hey.’ I never really had any communication at the end, so I didn’t know if I was getting let go or renewed or anything. I sent out an email and didn’t get a response. I texted him and didn’t get a response. About a month before it happened, I did get a call and got told, not by him, that I wasn’t going to be renewed and then I did text him and say, ‘Hey man, just want to thank you for the all the opportunities.’ It was a fantastic opportunity. I’m 25 years old and was with the company for three years. I had a blast and lived my dream. I wanted to thank him for that. He did text me back and said, ‘Hey man, thank you for everything, sorry we couldn’t give a spot for you moving forward.’ I did tell him maybe we would work together one day in the future. He did say there was a possibility for that. I’m not holding onto that, but if it does, it does, if it doesn’t, I’m good.

– Marko Stunt via NBC Sports Boston

When asked if Tony not texting back was odd Marko said “Of course that’s weird, but it’s kind of him.” Then, he was asked if he was given a relation for his contract not being renewed, he replied “I was told budget reasoning and plans had just changed for what they wanted to do. It was a general ‘let go.'”

Though Marko’s contract wasn’t renewed, AEW continues to bring in new talent and Marko talked about his feelings towards this.

I try not to get too upset about that stuff. There have definitely been days where I’m like, ‘What the hell, what’s going on?’ Now that it’s done and over with, I haven’t had that. To be real honest, I don’t have any desire to work there right now. That’s not me saying I don’t want to work for them ever, but right now, it’s fresh still. I want to see what else is out there.

– Marko Stunt via NBC Sports Boston

Marko Stunt continues to work independent dates around various promotions.

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