Killer Kelly Reveals She’s Been Under IMPACT Contract For Two Years

Killer Kelly is back in IMPACT, but did she ever really leave?

On the July 7th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, a vignette played to reveal the return of Killer Kelly. She competed in IMPACT back in 2020 but only had a few matches before stepping away in 2021 for health reasons. But now, she’s back. While speaking to Steve Fall of SEScoops, Killer Kelly revealed that she’s been under contract with IMPACT due her absence. This is what’s he had to say.

Well, it was exactly on that day. On that same day that I wrestled, I got offered a deal. So I’ve been contracted for the past two years. Well, you have to ask the good ol’ United States of America (why she hasn’t been wrestling). Its legalities, legalities, legalities…It was a very tedious process, which IMPACT dealt with wonderfully. They took care of everything, but it was a horrible process. They were wonderful about it. After they offered the contract, I had to go back to Portugal. Then I was stuck in Portugal. They did everything in their power to get me out of Portugal. It was a visa process that started in Portugal, and then it didn’t pan out. Then I had to come to the United States and start all over again. It was a whole process. But finally, I can say that I’m part of IMPACT. I can finally work and I am excited.

– Killer Kelly via SEScoops

Kelly stepped away for mental health reasons, but has gotten the help she needed. She praised IMPACT for their help throughout the process. As of now, it’s not known when she will actually step back into a IMPACT ring.

H/T Fightful

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