Hall Of Famer Criticizes WWE and AEW For Using Jeff Hardy’s Problems In Storylines

Jeff Hardy has been in some trouble lately, but should it be used on TV?

Jeff has had a past of drug/alcohol issues and continues to struggle to this day, recently being suspended by AEW for a DUI charge that he will have to enter rehab for. Recently, Christian used Jeff’s issues in a promo against his brother Matt Hardy on TV. In the past, Sheamus, CM Punk and even Matt himself used Jeff’s issues in story on WWE TV. But WWE hall of famer and current AEW employee, Mark Henry, thinks this shouldn’t happen. While speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Mark Henry criticized WWE and AEW for this.

The fans, they’re gonna do what they want to do, Bully. This is not WWE, this is not AEW that are making these comments. They both did the same thing. Now, how do fans relate to that is up to the fans. In my opinion, I probably would’ve spirit away from using it, but Christian, man, him and Sheamus both, I mean for me, I wouldn’t have done it. No [Don’t like getting this personal] But, it was effective both of them [Sheamus and Christian] using it, and one have more fallout than the other, but I think it’s recency bias too. The first time they did it – Oh that’s bullsh*t. Second time they’re tolerant.

– Mark Henry via Busted Open Radio

Do you agree with Mark Henry? Let us know.

H/T RingsideNews

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