Booker T Returns To In Ring Action At Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T is back in the ring!

At the 7/10/22 Reality Of Wrestling event, which is Booker’s home promotion, the WWE Hall of Famer Got back into the ring and looked to be in great shape at the age of 57. Booker T teamed with Mysterious Q, Brian Keith, Blake Cortez, and Gaspar Hernandez to take on a team lead by his wife Sharmell, of Gino Medina, Stephen Wolf, Will Elroy, Edge Stone, and Ryan Davidson. Booker T and Sharmell founded Reality of Wrestling in 2005. Not only did he step into the ring again, but he did so by wearing some throwback gear to his WCW Harlem Heat days, as you can see below.

Booker T recently challenged FTR to a match back in March, to which Dax replied seemingly ready to bring FTR vs Harlem Heat to the fans. Could this be a return run for Booker T, or just a one time thing? Only time will tell.

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