Lacey Evans Says Fans Not Cheering Her As An American Hero Makes Her Sick

Lacey Evans is now officially a heel again.

Last night on Friday Night SmackDown, we saw a segment where Lacey Evans would do her entrance a few times before finally coming out for her match. Before the match could get underway however, Evans would take a microphone and cut a heel promo, telling fans she deserves louder reactions then what they were giving her. She would refuse to compete, laying out her prospective tag team partner, Aliyah, with a Woman’s Right.

Lacey would take to Twitter on Saturday, sharing her displeasure at not being cheered as an American hero.

Imagine pouring your heart out in hopes to help people. Only to be met by disrespectful audiences that won’t stand and cheer for an American Hero. Makes me sick.

Lacey Evans on Twitter

Time will tell how this heel run will go for Lacey Evans, but it is sure to be a rocky road given the current political climate in the United States.

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