Jorge Masvidal Declines No Takedown Rule, Wants Gilbert Burns’ Best

Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns have been having a small back and forth, and Masvidal finally answered Gilbert’s challenge.

Gilbert Burns has been pushing for a fight with Jorge Masvidal for a while now, go the point where he says he will fight at Jorge’s strengths and would be willing to implement a no takedown rule into the fight contract. Now, Jorge Masvidal has responded to Gilbert’s challenge. While talking with MMA Fighting, Masvidal made it clear that he is down for a fight with Burns, but doesn’t need that rule implemented. This is what he had to say to Gilbert Burns.

Do your game, my brother. Do what’s gotten you here, I know he’s a world champion in [Brazilian jiu-jitsu]. I’m trying to work on my grappling, always trying to get better. So do everything that God has allowed you to do and blessed you to do. Before the Conor fight came up, that’s the one that called me out and I was like, this is a guy that comes to fight. The whole world doesn’t know him but they will, because he comes to fight. He’s going to try and choke you out, knock you out, and just has a good style. I like the fight.

– Jorge Masvidal via MMAFighting

Jorge Masvidal vs Gilbert Burns could be a big fight that many fans would tune in for. Both fighters are coming off of a loss and look to bounce back into title contention.

H/T MMA Fighting

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