Johnny Gargano Left The WWE Because He Wanted To Have Time With His Child

In December of last year, Johnny Gargano left the WWE following his contract with the promotion expiring.

Since leaving NXT, Gargano has had very literal appearances related to wrestling and it is unknown when he will step back into the ring but we could be waiting for quite some time for the reappearance of Gargano.

While speaking on an episode of Good Karma Wrestling, Johnny explained why he didn’t sign another contract with WWE.

“I had this guaranteed contract with WWE I could take for a lot of money, and I could come back and I could keep doing what I’m doing. I just knew that with the baby on the way, I didn’t want to have anyone else being in control of my time, because I’m really only getting one shot at this. Me and Candice only plan on having one kid, so I want to be there and try to experience everything I can with Quill for his first year before I do anything else.”

Johnny Gargano on Good Karma Wrestling

Time will tell where Gargano will end up next but for the time being, he is focusing on being a father.

H/T – WrestlingInc

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