Buff Bagwell’s Twitter Deactivated After Multiple Controversies

Buff, what’s up with all this stuff?!

If you didn’t know, Buff Bagwell was a former WCW star from 1991-2001 where he captured the Tag Team Titles a whopping five times. In more recent years, ‘Buff Bagwell’ randomly showed up on Twitter and to the amazement of fans, he was great to talk to. Buff took a true positive outlook on twitter, touting his support for the LQBTQ+ community, showing support for women’s rights, letting his takes be known on the current wrestling scene, and more. Or was he? Recently it was revealed that Buff was indeed not running his twitter, instead, it was someone else.

People had been side-eyeing the Buff account for a while, but it all came crashing down when a fan who purchased a replica WCW Tag Title off of Buff, never received his item. He also tried to get his money back, but that wouldn’t work either. Buff Bagwell responded to this on twitter by saying “I have informed Michael that our business relationship is over, and that he needs to get people what they are owed. I will continue on him to do so. For now on the only merch available is through my PWT store, or in person at conventions.” Michael, who was apparently running his merchandise online, was not responding to any fans or Buff. Things got even stranger when a short time later, Buff’s Facebook account was updated to say this;

Appreciate everyone’s support of Buff these last few months. I was runnings Buffs twitter and other social media since last year, we have gone our separate ways due to a variety of reasons. I will not say anything bad about Marc and have no problem being the fall guy for whatever issues their are with merchandise.

Enjoyed getting to know you all, though I was posting for Buff it was my beliefs and opinions being tweeted.

– via Facebook & Discord

This same message was posted to his discord as well.

Now, today, the fan who was screwed out of money and merch from “Buff” has revealed that Buff’s account was ran by alleged sex offender, Javan Michael Miller, who also goes by the name “Michael Long” on twitter (@MichaelLongENT) and has now locked his account. You can see in this tweet below;

Fans in the comment section were also sharing stories of being scammed out of money by Michael.

Now that Buff’s social media is gone, it’s unclear what the actual Buff Bagwell thinks about all this and if he truly knows what’s going on. Though highly unlikely at this point, we hope all the fans that were screwed over will get their money back from this scam artist.

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