GCW Backyard Wrestling 4 Results – 7/4/22 – Undisclosed Location, Backyard USA

Game Changer Wrestling held their Backyard Wrestling 4 event on July 4th, 2022 from an undisclosed location in Backyard, USA and aired live on Fite TV.

Below are the quick results for GCW’s Backyard Wrestling 4:

  • Jordan Oliver defeated Hunter X (Hunter Drake)
  • 4 Way Match: Alec Smith (Alec Price) defeated Vampyro (Facade), Aerial Crow (Dyln McKay) and The Chad (Tye Hyll)
  • Dak The Destroyer (Bradley Prescott) defeated Pizza Cat Jr. (Billie Starkz)
  • Elimination Match: Team Deppen (Tony Deppen, Cole Radrick, Alex Colon & Manders) defeated Team Yoya (Yoya, Philly Mike, Hardbody & The Tarzanian Devil)
  • Diablo (Shane Mercer) defeated 4th of July Blunt Guy (Steve Sanders)
  • Skinripper (Masha Slamovich) defeated The Great Akira (Akira)
  • Joey Janela defeated Donnie Janela
  • Emanon (Jimmy Lloyd) defeated Darc Angel (Marcus Mathers)

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