Montez Ford Discusses The Possibility Of The Street Profits Breaking Up

Montez Ford still wants to support Dawkins if the team are split up.

As of late, Montez Ford has been praised by fans for his recent in ring work as well as how much he has bulked up. There have been reports that Ford is set for a singles push as there are those within WWE that are high on Ford.

Recently the topic of tension between Dawkins and Ford has been broached by many, with them both denying it in reality and kayfabe. Montez sat down with Wrestling Inc and spoke on how he would feel if he and Dawkins were split up:

“If the draft happens and they, you know, we’re forced to go our separate ways, we’re definitely going to keep that support there. Keep bringing it 100 percent. I know as a kid, speaking for myself, I’ve always had dreams of being a WWE World Champion.”

“That dream just never fades away man. You know, when you’re here, I feel like if you’re not trying to be the guy or the team, then what are you here for? You know besides the money. But still at the same time, like you want to create a legacy.”

Montez Ford to WrestlingInc

Time will tell if Ford will be separated from Dawkins but for now it seems that the pair will rematch The Uso’s at SummmerSlam.

H/T to WrestlingInc for transcription