ICWNHB ‘The Pit 7’ Event Cancelled After Stabbing Occurs Outside Of Venue

ICW No Holds Barred had a successful event tonight with “The Volume 27”. Unfortunately, they were supposed to have a double header with ICWNBH “The Pit 7” right after and that ended abruptly.

ICWNHB Pit shows are events where there is no ring involved, and the center of the ‘fight pit’ is just the ground with the fans in a circle surrounding the action. Fans get up close and personal for these wars, and for the most part, it seems the fans are having a good time. Tonight, HoodFoot, who was injured a day prior at GCW, kicked off the show in a feel good moment, showing that he was okay. From there, Malcolm Monroe III took on Neil Diamond Cutter, Isaiah Broner battled Aaron Williams and Darren McCarty went one on one with Brandon Kirk. Then, everything sadly went downhill.

Up next, John Wayne Murdoch was set to battle Eric Ryan. But, John made his way out to the ring, grabbed a mic and announced that someone was stabbed outside of the venue and the show is over. The event abruptly ended and the stream cut off on IWTV.

Kasey Catal, who is a talent on the show, revealed in a update tweet that the cops were called prior to the stabbing due to a domestic dispute, they then left, then the stabbing occurred. Medial staff from the ICWNHB event helped the victim until they were safely transported to the hospital. It’s unclear at this moment wether the victim was previously attempting ICWNHB, or this just coincidentally happened outside of the venue.

Many fans online seemed to be very confused at what was happening until Kacy explained via tweets. IWTV themselves also tweeted a apology.

We’re thankful to hear that the victim will be okay. At this moment, ICWNHB has not said anything.

Pictures of the scene were posted via PWPonderings twitter.

Very responsible for ICWNHB to end the event due to the incident. we send well wishes out to the victim and hope that all that all at the event are safe as well. We will keep you updated on any and every possible update regarding this situation.

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