Fit Check: Ranking The Best Outfits From The UFC 276 Press Conference

UFC’s Press Conference’s always bring out the best and worst of peoples talking skills, but, they also bring out the best and worst of peoples dressing skills, too!

We’re going to be taking a look at all the outfits from each of the 10 fighters who participated in the UFC 276 Press Conference. The scale will be from 1-5 Seth Rollins’, the Drip God himself, wrestling fans will understand, if you’re not one, well, you can see the scale above! Without waiting any longer, let’s check these fits.

#10 Sean Strickland:

Sean Strickland walked into the UFC Presser like a dad fresh off his job at the local mill. Boots, blue jeans and a white t-shirt with his keys hooked to his belt loop. Can you get anymore plain? Not really. Though, it’s nice he was wearing Bryan Danielson’s merch shirt. Wrestling fans will get that one. He did mention on the press conference that if he becomes champion, we will see him in suits and fancy cars, so, we’ll hold you to that. As for a rating, you get one Seth Rollins’.

#9 Alex Pereira:

Alex came through with the classic UFC kit fit. UFC x Venom from the shirt to the pants and had the Project Rock Under Armor shoes. Basic, but comfortable. One thing that does set him apart from #10 is the accessories. Not only is Alex rocking a gold chain, but the gold watch and bracelet to match both on the left wrist. If you’re going to be basic, at least accessorize it down and that’s exactly what he did. Not bad for comfortable. Alex, you get 1 and a half Seth Rollins, thanks to the gold.

#8 Jared Cannonier:

Now, comparing the ninth and eighth spot here is hard, because Jared came in with the UFC kit as well. Except instead of the pants, he went with the UFC x Venom shorts. Same shirt, same shoes as Alex but what sets him apart is the accessories, and though Pereira had accessories, he didn’t have an iced out gorilla on his neck! That’s right, Jared had the bead bracelet accessory, a spiritual tooth necklace as well as a black Diamond gorilla chain. Dubbed “The Killa Gorilla”, having a chain of your own nickname has to score you some points here, certainly enough to rank above a plain gold chain. Comfy, but iced out. Jared gets 2 Seth Rollins’.

#7 Robbie Lawler:

Now, off first glance you may think why is Robbie so high?! Well, here’s my reasoning, yes it’s plain, but not as plain as Strickland. Robbie added some color with the blue shirt, but also didn’t cop out and wear the UFC kit and actually tried to dress up in his own clothes. Though, Robbie is wearing a regular watch, jeans, Project Rock shoes, he did try. No fancy iced out chains for Lawler, but again, he didn’t just go with the UFC kit. Seth Rollins wouldn’t be the happiest, but he also wouldn’t be mad at you not just picking the fight kit. It’s not much, but you get 2.5 Seth Rollins’.

#6 Max Holloway:

Max came out looking wild, which is in some ways, definitely approved by Seth Rollins. Matching is out of the question here. But, layers are in. Max came out with some Air Force 1’s, classic, some grey and white golf pants, a black and white graffiti designed sweatshirt with a black velvet jacket over top, insane. But he tried, and it seems like he tried hard. The only accessory on him was a wedding band, so you can’t hate on that. He had his socks showing as well, which were mixed matched brown & white stripes on the right and black & grey stripes on the left. Max, you tried, so I’ll give you 2.5 Seth Rollins’ as well, and you’re only above Robbie for trying but next time try harder!

#5 Brian Barberena:

Brian, oh Brian. Some people will see you in the top five and immediately say “what the f-k?!” Well, any man that is willing to go out on stage in front of a crowd of people while wearing overalls with nothing underneath is a man that deserves some points, yes, you did keep it very, very plain, but you also stood out for it and your fit may be remembered more than anyone’s for the sheer fact that you actually did THAT. Overalls with zero accessories and the Under Armor trainers, but the confidence while doing it sets you ahead of the previous five. You’re a mad man, and you’ve inspired me to go get overalls myself. Seth Rollins respects your confidence and for that, 3 Seth Rollins’ for you!

#4 Pedro Munhoz:

We talk about confidence, well, Pedro had all the confidence in the world coming to the press conference in a Pink faux leather track suit with black trim and a black tee underneath, Pedro must’ve thought he was Bret Hart while getting dressed this morning! The only accessory he had was some black sunglasses. But, he did have Jordan 1’s on the feet. I couldn’t get a good look at exactly which ones they were, but a classic black and white color-way from what I could tell. This is how you do simple. Guys ranked lower, take a look. Nothing crazy, but stood out with the pink. All eyes on Pedro strictly for the color alone and you can never go wrong with some 1’s on the feet. Pedro, 3.5 Seth Rollins’ for you!

#3 Alexander Volkanovski:

Alex walked into this press conference with plain, but make it designer. And did he ever. From the first look you may think, okay, white shoes, black pants, white shirt. What else? Well no, it’s not that simple. Volkanovski has the classic white Gucci sneakers with the iconic green and red stripes on the sides for starters. Can’t go wrong there. And no, that’s not just any white tee, if you look closely, it’s white on white all over print Fendi. You can only see the designer if you look closely and that’s the amount of subtle I aspire to be. Accessory wise, a silver watch on the wrist and  a silver chain with a cross pendant. The biggest accessory of course has to be the gold UFC Championship around his waist, that’s always a plus. For this, Alex gets a solid 4 Seth Rollins’.

#2 Israel Adesanya:

Izzy usually comes with the wild fits, but today was a little more calm. White kicks, black jeans and a deep blue zip up with no shirt underneath. Simple right? Well, here’s where accessories make the fit stand out. Gold and black Versace shades on Izzy during the press conference, not one, not two, not three, but four chains on his neck, two being diamond necklaces and the other two being pearls, and seemingly izzy knows that pearls are in right now. Two beaded bracelets on the left wrist, with a gold watch on the right wrist, mixed with a iced out pinky ring on the left hand. And how could we forget two gold caps and two Diamond caps on each side of his top row of teeth, only visible with a wide smile. Finesse, Adesanya has it and for that, he’s getting 4.5 Seth Rollins’.

#1 Sean O’Malley:

Did you expect anything less? This is the suga show! O’Malley walked in with a all white suit on with no shirt underneath! Plus, off-white colored Gucci clogs on the feet. And today must be the day of accessories because he also had gold and white Versace sunglasses to match with the suit, two very thick Diamond link chains around the neck, a gold ring on the left pointer finger and not one, but two iced out watches, one on each wrist, that he noted at media day, aren’t even the right time! Plus, you can never overlook the always insane hair of Sean’s which happens to be pink and blonde this go-around. This man knows what he’s doing and wearing a suit with no underwear shirt would have Seth Rollins’ stamp of approval, so for that, FIVE Seth Rollins’ for you, Sean. Congrats, you’re the flyest on the UFC 276 card!

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