AEW Has Issued A “Talent Playbook” To Signed Stars, Including Wellness Policy

It looks like AEW does have a wellness policy, despite some trolls trying to state otherwise.

With a closer look at AEW’s policies in recent weeks due to the DUI arrest of Jeff Hardy, it is been speculated that AEW do not have a wellness policy. Now, it looks like AEW may have went an extra step past that in issuing a ‘playbook’ for talent.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW has a talent playbook that is given to all wrestlers. The document contains information on a number of policies, including the drug policy and drug protocol.

“AEW has a talent playbook distributed to everyone which includes information on the company’s drug policy, concussion protocol, hydration and other items. They also have a metal health resource available to staff and have done training on concussions, hydration and maintaining mental and physical health”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Hopefully this piece of information will be enough to stop the persistent claims that AEW do not have an active wellness policy in place for talent.

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