Maria Kanellis Talks With Tony Khan About AEW & ROH Women’s Divisions

Maria Kanellis has been calling for talks with Tony Khan, and now she got it.

Tony Khan and AEW have long been criticized about their use of a women’s division, and rightfully so. Maria Kanellis believed she could help in not only AEW, but ROH as well. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported on Fightful Select that the talks have indeed happened. Below is the full report on what was said.

Tony Khan and Maria Kanellis had their talk. Grapsody’s Will Washington spoke to Tony Khan following the ROH Supercard scrum and noted that Maria had mentioned hoping to talk to Tony Khan about the women’s division booking. Khan said he was open to that conversation, and we’re told that it took place. Maria tells Fightful that she and Tony Khan had a very good 30-45 minute conversation. She believes they’ll likely have another talk when ROH makes its re-debut, and specified that when she talks about helping out that division, she doesn’t speak as a talent, so she doesn’t think the nature of her IMPACT deal would be affected by that. Maria specified to Fightful that she is happy in IMPACT, and loves how the creative has been so far, and has a few months remaining on her current deal. Maria will be at Women’s Wrestling Army July 8 & 9 in Chicago.

– Fightful Select

Have Maria Kanellis and Tony Khan figured out a way to help the Women of AEW and soon ROH? One can only hope and that remains to be seen. We will keep you updated on any and everything regarding this story.

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