Joey Ryan Fired From Disneyland, Did Not Appear On Background Checks For Speaking Out Controversies

Disney have fired Joey Ryan from their Jungle Cruise attracting.

Over the past weekend, reported that Joey Ryan had been working at Disneyland on the Jungle Cruise attraction. For those unaware, Ryan has a litany of allegations against him from the Speaking Out movement a few short years ago. Ryan has attempted to sue his accusers to no avail.

The LA Times broke the news on Wednesday that Ryan had been fired by Disneyland following the discovery of his allegations. Ryan worked for the company for three months before being let go. Disney stated they do background checks on all employees, but missed Ryan’s allegations due to them being made against his stage name.

“Mr. Meehan is no longer employed by us,”

Disney Spokesperson to LA Times

The LA times also reports that they attempted to contact Ryan and his lawyer, however to no avail.

Several attempts to reach Meehan through his attorney and through email were unsuccessful.

The LA Times

Ryan’s attorney stated that Ryan is currently in the middle of an ongoing Federal case.

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