Tommy Fury Denied Access to US, Jake Paul Says He isn’t Letting Fury “Weasel” Out of Fight

The biggest fight of YouTube sensation Jake Paul could be getting called off in the near-future.

Tommy Fury released a video this morning explaining that he was denied access to the US by Homeland Security agents as soon as he arrived to the airport.

Jake Paul was quick to respond to the news of the fight being put in major bout due to Fury not being able to travel to the US for the press conference being held tomorrow.

A report says the reason Fury isn’t welcome in the country is due to his family’s ties to a notorious organized crime boss.

TMZ Sports reports that US officials placed a travel ban on any fighters, managers, and promoters with ties to Daniel Kinahan. Kinahan helped found the MTK Global boxing promotions company which previously represented Tommy Fury’s brother, Tyson Fury. It is more than enough to prevent Tommy from entering the country.

Sources within law enforcement noted that any fighter with even a fleeting association with Kinahan is banned from traveling. A federal investigation into Daniel Kinahan is looking into his involvement in major crimes. MTK Global is not directly accused of any wrongdoing.

The press conference scheduled for tomorrow at MSG has now been postponed.

If the fight falls through again, Paul could work out a plan to fight KSI, another YouTube sensation who fought to a majority draw before they defeated Jake’s brother Logan in a boxing match. KSI offered Jake a prelim spot nn their boxing card on August 27th to which Paul responded with an offer to main event it against KSI.

We’ll keep you updated on any news we receive on the Fury vs. Paul bout being in major doubt and if Jake decides to go a different route.

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