The Importance of a Deep Roster

In any sport, one of the most important things is having a deep roster. Pro-wrestling is not the exception to this rule.

AEW right now is facing bad luck in terms of injuries in their roster, but they are luck enough to have a deep roster during this period of time. Having someone you can elevate while a ln injury period takes place is very important.

The other side of the coin to AEW’s deep roster is WWE. In the last 2 years WWE has released a lot of wrestlers that could’ve helped the promotion right. There’s also the fact WWE sacrificed a good portion of the roster to put over Roman Reigns’ run as head of the table. The booking of the roster during periods of injury is also something important that WWE has always struggled with.

Young wrestlers are also important during periods of injuries. Having young wrestlers to push or elevate is very important in wrestling. Some promotions are amazing at this, with the best example being Dragongate.

Overall, having s deep roster is a necessity in wrestling.