Tammy Sytch Pre-Trial Hearing Set For Thursday

Sunny will be in court again this Thursday.

Tammy Sytch has spent the last few months embroiled in a legal battle regarding a DUI and crash that lead to the death of an elderly man. The family of the man who lost his life in the crash have lodged a civil suit against Sytch also. Most recently, Sytch’s lawyer had requested to be removed from the case, leaving Sunny with no legal representation.

Mike Johnson of PwInsider has confirmed that Sytch will be back in court this Thursday for a pre-trial hearing for her trial:

There will be a pre-trial hearing for Tammy Sytch in regard to her DUI Manslaughter arrest in Florida this Thursday 6/30 at 9 AM.  The hearing is not open to the public.  Given that Sytch’s attorney has withdrawn from the case, Sytch has been compelled to come to court for the hearing.  Thus far, Sytch does not have a new attorney representing her, so she has been given the option of using a public defender.  

PW Insider

If convicted, Tammy could be looking at 30 years in prison. She has recently petitioned through her boyfriend to rule against the civil suit but is unlikely to be successful. Time will tell how this story will continue to develop.

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