Having Blood And Guts In Detroit Feels “Perfect” To Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston is a big fan of wrestling in Detroit.

Eddie Kingston is set to enter Blood and Guts on Wednesday and he can’t wait to wrestle in Detroit. Kingston is not long removed from Forbidden Door, and isn’t happy he will be teaming with Claudio Castagnoli inside Blood And Guts.

Kingston spoke to MLive about what to expect from him when it comes to Blood And Guts on Wednesday:

“You’re not gonna see me come off the top of the cage,” Kingston said. “I’m gonna use the cage as a weapon. I’m going to kick, I’m going to punch, I’m going to bite. I’m going to try and make you quit.

“It’s called ‘Blood & Guts’ for a reason. Is there gonna be blood? Most likely. Is there going to be guts? You know, we’re going to spill our guts out there in front of all y’all. It’s just a violent place (the cage) and Detroit is a violent city, so it’s just perfect.”

Eddie Kingston To MLive

Kingston will look to put an end to his feud with Chris Jericho on Wednesday inside the two steel cages during Blood And Guts. The JAS will have a man advantage in the cages.

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