Britt Baker Talks How Her Wrist Injury Effected Her Work As A Dentist

Britt Baker believes she manifested her wrist injury.

Britt is one of the top stars in AEW, with many believing her to be a pillar of AEW. She has been women’s world champion and won the female Owen Hart Foundational tournament. She also is a successful dentist.

Speaking to Mel Magazine, Baker was asked if there was ever a concern than an in-ring injury would hinder her work as a dentist.

“That’s my biggest fear. In fact, I think I feared it so intensely that I manifested it when I broke my right wrist this past year, and I’m right-handed. That was tricky. I had just become AEW Women’s Champion so I didn’t want to take any time off. I didn’t want to let the fans down, my boss down, the women’s division down or the roster down, so I fought through it. I didn’t take time off. I didn’t get surgery. I just had a brace on my arm that I took off way more than I should have so that I could work in a dental office,” she said. “For that reason, it definitely delayed the healing, and I had to delay a lot of appointments with extractions and heavy-duty dental office stuff. I was still able to do fillings and smaller stuff because you don’t use your wrist as much as you think you do; it’s a lot of fine movements. Because of how my wrist was fractured, I was able to still work in the dental office. I just had to be choosy about what I could do or not do. That was hard. It was an eye-opening experience that in the blink of an eye something you love can be taken from you, so we need to be thankful and we need to be careful.”

Britt Baker to Mel Magazine

Obviously, a wrist injury would hamper anyone working in any field, but Britt is a dentist as well as a wrestler. Time will tell if Britt will continue to suffer injuries that effect her work as a dentist.

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