Major News Outlets Mock WWE Fans Reaction To Vince McMahon’s Appearances On SmackDown And RAW

Wrestling fans have been put under the microscope.

When the investigation into Vince McMahon’s misconduct began, it saw a lot of initial backlash from fans not happy with the accusations to the WWE boss. When he appeared on SmackDown and RAW, you wouldn’t think there was anything going on by Vince and the crowd’s reactions. When Vince’s entrance music hit he got a huge pop, with fans still bowing and singing his song as if nothing had happened.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted how wrestling fans were portrayed by major news outlets in light of their reaction to Vince.

“The story got a lot of mainstream publicity for a day by leading outlets, which no doubt led to huge ratings increases for Smackdown, Raw and NXT (even though taped) this week.”

“A number of mainstream outlets mocked wrestling fans for their cheering reaction to McMahon. While things have changed greatly, this did bring up memories from 1975 when Bobby Shane, a top heel in Florida, was killed in a plane crash, and it was announced the next day at a show in Jacksonville that Shane had died and the crowd cheered.”

Dave Meltzer in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Of course, Twitter was rampant with criticism when Vince made his two appearances. While Vince said very little in both segments, many were not happy with how positive a reaction he got from fans in attendance.

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