Tea & Tights: Creation Pro’s No More Balconies Preview with Billy Haze

On this Brit Wres Special Andy welcomes back Billy Haze to the show to discuss his Cardiff based Wrestling promotion Creation Pro.

The pair discuss the first two shows, “Creation” and “Insert Marvel Quote Here” featuring stars such as Jody Fleisch, Michael Oku, Connor Mills, Lykos Gym, Elijah, Brendan White and many more.

Before Previewing the upcoming “No More Balconies” show on the 26th of June in Cardiff,

Full Card as announced:
Nico Angleo vs Dan Maloney
Nino Bryant vs Kid Lykos
Joe Lando vs Kid Lykos II
Jay Joshusha vs Nick Riley
Rhio vs Mad Kurt
Jumpers for Ring Post Match: Team Captains Brendan White and Billy Haze must pick teams featuring Elijah, Safire Reed, Sid Oakley, Jay Alexander, Remi Adetunji and Ian Skinner

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