Ric Flair Hints At Making His Last Match Bloody

Ric Falir’s last match is coming up on July 31st. As of this moment, his opponent(s) are unknown.

Two new matches were announced for the card during the press conference that happened today. Then, Ric Flair took the stand to talk about his upcoming last match, even alluding to it being a bloody one.

I think people, especially in the south, they like ‘rasslin’. We called it when I first got to Charlotte. David [Crockett] knows, it was me and Richard Petty. It was ‘rasslin’ and racin’. And ‘rasslin’s never left Nashville. So we’re gonna ‘rassle, and I’m talking about in the old days, and Jeff [Jarrett] knows what I’m talking about. When guys would take a chisel, right? You’d cut off the end of a chisel and put it in a metal plate and put it in their fingers, and that was a ‘hard way’. Boom. Chisel right in the head. Not a blade. A chisel. So, I can’t guarantee you a chisel, but I’ll have something with me.

– Ric Flair via Last Match Press Conference

Ric also indicated earlier on that he “would not be taking his blood thinners” earlier on. We could be looking ahead to another classic bloody Ric Flair moment come July 31st.

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