Daniel Cormier Thinks Jorge Masvidal Should Take A Step Back

Earlier today we reported on Jorge Masvidal looking to fight Conor McGregor or potentially Leon Edwards.

Now, on the latest episode of “DC & RC” podcast on ESPN, Daniel Cormier spoke about how he believes Jorge Masvidal should take a step back and fight rising contenders instead.

Jorge Masvidal is gonna find himself in a position now where he’s gonna be fighting guys that have a little bit less name value than what he has fought before, Just very recently he was arguing with somebody online, but he told him that they weren’t worthy of the fight because they’re not known. I’m not exactly sure who it was but Masvidal was going back and forth with someone, and I believe that it has to be someone at that level. […] It’s going to be a rising contender, A guy like a Sean Brady. Those types of guys that are on their way up. Maybe a Kevin Holland who is now starting to make some waves at 170 pounds. He’s gonna have to start fighting guys that are on the way up. I think right now because of the three losses in a row and the way in which has has lost, it’s time for him to either rebuild by beating these young up and comers or you start to open the door for some of these young guys to break in to the top five so I’m saying a young guy.

– Daniel Cormier via DC & RC

Do you agree with Daniels assessment? Or should Jorge stick to his plan of calling out McGregor and maybe getting a shot at the championship if Leon Edwards gets the title?

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