Greg Hardy On BKFC, UFC Departure, Possibly Wrestling And More

Greg Hardy was a former NFL player, most notably, for the cowboys, before moving into Mixed Martial Arts. He is now headed to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). Greg recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast and had a lot to say.

Chris asked Greg about what he will weigh in at for BKFC, which he said around 320lbs, and how hard his weight cut for UFC was with their weight restrictions. He had this to say:

I think a lot of people really didn’t understand, man, like I was walking into the ring like half myself, man, no energy, no charisma, it wasn’t even G Hardy in there, I’m coming down from like 320-330 every fight, losing 30-40 pounds before a fight, man, it was hurting.

– Greg Hardy via Insight Podcast

That’s a rough cut for any person to lose that weight. Sadly for Greg, he was let go by UFC. But, he had nothing but positive things to say about the promotion and Dana White.

I mean yeah, me and the UFC staff is amazing, [we have] an  amazing relationship, those are some of the best people on the planet, from, I mean, bottom to top, go from makeup artists all the way up to Dana himself, those people are amazing. The best organization I’ve ever been apart of, not even second to the NFL. They hit me up, my contract was already up so they knew it was up, they hit me up, told me, the same thing they said in the interviews, man, “if you get some wrestling going in another promotion, [we] would be glad to sign you back. Loved having you, appreciate you”. I sent them my appreciation and love, man, and went to looking for where I can throw these hands and found BKFC. It was actually a really good parting man, and like I said, I look forward to going back one day and putting on a show for you guys and maybe body slamming somebody for about three rounds when I learn some wrestling.

– Greg Hardy via Insight Podcast

UFC is in the past for now, and BKFC is on the horizon. Hardy was asked about his first fight in BKFC and when they could be.

I’m eyeing that London fight if the boss man will give me that go-ahead, but no, we’re just, we’ve been so excited getting into this stuff, getting the new bare knuckle coaches and talking to Mr. F [David Feldman] and scheduling the media and doing everything else, man, we really haven’t thought or talked about it but I’m ready whenever, you know me I’m ready to bang.

– Greg Hardy via Insight Podcast

So, it’s still up in the air for whenever Greg steps back in the ring, but, he is eyeing up another ring… professional wrestling.

You know, somebody hit me up, AEW, WWE, what’s the best one right now? Not even wrestling, what’s the funnest one? Hit me up, man! Yo, I’m down! I’ll get in the gym right now, I’ll show up with the Monday night muscles and jump off the side of the rope on anybody, listen, Rey Mysterio, I’ll come out with one of those sick masks […] We’ll half mask it for the WWE bro, cause, listen, I’m a graphic design artist too, we got to do the showmanship, like Goldust or something crazy. It’s got to be, like, entertainment level stuff. You can’t just come out with tights on and have a six pack, unless you’re Brock Lesnar or The Rock […] I know all that, I’m an old school fan, bro, I would love to get in there and show out.

– Greg Hardy via Insight Podcast

Would certainly be interesting to see Greg Hardy step into the squared circle. Greg also talked about his NFL career, injuries, Celebrity Boxing and a possible Basketball career. Check out the Insight Podcast for the full conversation.

H/T Chris Van Vliet

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