Tony Khan Donates To Wrestling Media Personality’s GoFundMe

Tony Khan is the owner of All Elite Wrestling and seemingly a good guy outside of the TV screen. Today, Tony made a generous gesture towards a fan in need.

Righteous Reg, who is a multi-talented podcaster (Host of Bodyslam’s Game Changer Weekly Podcast & Co-Host of Fightful’s Grapsody podcast), writer, sometimes commentator & rapper, who featured on AEW’s “Who We Are” album, notably on the song “Powerhouse (The Will Hobbs Story)”, sadly had an incident where someone set his car on fire in the middle of the night destroying it from the inside out. Reg made a gofundme page to help with the cost of a new car which you can find here.

Many people have donated including a $500 donation from Cody Rhodes. But today, Tony Khan donated $2,500 to go towards Reg’s new car. This is a incredible and very thoughtful gesture from Tony, which followed by a tweet from Reg himself.

Help donate to reach the gofundme goal if you can.

Reg is a bodyslam contributor and you can check out our GCW Podcast “Game Changer Weekly” here.

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