IWA Deep South Promoter Under Fire After Homophobic Father’s Day Post

IWA Deep South has run one show in 2022, and it’s not hard to imagine why. There’s been a total of only ten IWA Deep South shows since 2019, which is even far more than believable, considering the promoter, Kevin Brannen, has a somewhat problematic past. Brannen took to his Facebook to post a Father’s Day message, the message was homophobic.

It’s easy to gauge what type of promotion this man runs, considering their logo, which you can see on IWA Deep South’s official Facebook page, has font background of the confederate flag. Fans and even wrestlers alike were not happy with his recent forum of homophobia. In fact, one wrestler by the name of Phoenix Kidd shared Kevin’s post with a message of disdain. In the comments section of Phoenix’s post a myriad of performers agreed with Phoenix’s response.

This isn’t the first incident, however. Brannen’s Facebook is filled with homophobic Facebook posts, which he seemingly ramped up during Pride Month. This is an absolute disgusting act as a promotor, as a leader to the talent and owner of IWA Deep South. The criticism here is rightfully deserved and these types of posts should not be happening.

Bodyslam does not condone the actions of Kevin Brannen.

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