Kevin Dunn Not Guilty Of Insider Trading, Hasn’t Been On WWE Board In Years

*This article was written prior to further information becoming widely known, and has been corrected, full retraction here.*

While Vince McMahon may want things to be business as usual, he cant hide from the fact that earlier this week, it was revealed that McMahon was being investigated by the WWE board since April of this year. The Wall Street Journal broke the news that the WWE Chairman was being investigated for secret hush money payment to a woman Vince McMahon had a sexual relationship with. This of course was bound to effect stock prices for the company when the news broke and with the board being notified of the investigation in April, any stock trading since will surely be investigated.

Kevin Dunn sold over one million dollars of stock in May. This would be over 15,000 shares.* (Per PWInsider, Dunn has not been the member of the board in years)*(Irrelevant due to Dunn not being on the board)

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