Chris Jericho Reveals The Origins Of The Wizard Nickname

Chris Jericho has gone by many nicknames throughout his career.

Jericho has recently been using the nickname “The Wizard” in AEW. It started when Jericho began throwing fire balls at people, including Eddie Kingston. Since then, Jericho has used the nickname and proclaimed himself to be a wizard any chance he has gotten.

In an interview with TSN, Chris Jericho explained the origins of his latest moniker.

“‘The Wizard’ just came up because we wanted to do a fireball and nobody had done a fireball in years, so when I did it, I saw the reaction – once again, read the room – and I just said one day on commentary or on a promo ‘I’m a wizard’ because I threw a fireball. Isn’t that what wizards do? I don’t know, do wizards throw fireballs? I think so. They cast spells and sh*t, so I figure they can throw fireballs. And people started responding to that.”

You guys just gotta realize when I put my mind to something, I get it over no matter what. I just love the concept of ‘The Wizard.’ What is it? Nothing! What is it? Everything! This character thinks he’s a wizard. He can cast these spells in AEW and is the most popular performer and the best wrestler in the world, so that’s basically a wizard…am I ever gonna come out with a Gandalf hat or a Gandalf gown and have a big staff? It’s like, ‘That’s what you gotta do!’ No, I don’t! If I came out dressed like a wizard, then it becomes completely stupid and not threatening.”

Chris Jericho to TSN

Time will tell what kind of nickname Jericho will have next but he certainly is enjoying being known as The Wizard. What do you make of Jericho’s latest nickname?

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