Sean Brady Looks At No Later Than August For A Return Fight; Names Belal Muhammad, Stephen Thompson & Kevin Holland As Potential Match-Ups.

Top 10 UFC Welterweight Sean Brady, who we haven’t seen since November of last year after defeating Michael Chiesa, is 15-0 in his career, but now has been struggling to get a fight. He sat down with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okomoto to discuss frustrations with not being able to get a fight and when he’d like to return. Sean Brady was asked if he believes the UFC is in his corner, to which he says yes, but, he is struggling to find fights because opponents are saying no.

From what I’m being told, they asked wonderboy (Stephen Thompson) multiple times and he said no. And listen, I get it, you just fought two grapplers, you don’t want [another] but at the end of the day, the division has to move on. So, UFC is definitely in my corner, they’re offering guys fights, it’s just that they’re saying no.

– Sean Brady via ESPN MMA

But, Stephen WonderBoy Thompson wasn’t the only person to say no. Sean went on to explain why Belal Muhammad said no after he was offered to fight him.

Now, the whole thing with Belal is, they’re offering, from what I’m being told, they’re offering Belal a fight with me and Belal is saying “No, I want to fight the guys ahead of me [in the rankings]”. Which I get, that’s what everybody’s trying to do. But, guys have fought down to fight Belal in the past. Demian Maia was ahead of him, wonder boy was ahead of him, Vicente Luque was ahead of him, so, at some point you’re going to have to do it. He’s trying to fight Khamzat, I know for a fact he’s not fighting Khamzat. I can guarantee you he’s not fighting Khamzat. So, it’s like that cards out, I know you’re not fighting him. Gilbert Burns, Gilbert wants a big fight, I’m sure that’s not the fight Gilbert’s looking for. Leon Edwards is fighting for the title, Colby Covington just got sucker punched and now he has “brain damage” that dude isn’t fighting for a while. So, realistically, there is nobody. It’s me and you, and me and him were matched up.

– Sean Brady on ESPN MMA

Sean Brady and Belal Muhammad were previously matched up, but Sean Brady had to pull out due to a fractured shin bone in 2020. Sean calls re-making the fight with Belal the “fight to make”.

Sean Brady was asked if there’s any guy he’d like to fight regardless to the number beside their name. His answer was a interesting one.

I mean, maybe if Kevin Holland wins next weekend, you know, but, it’s just that all these guys have fights. I know Kevin, he likes to turn around fast so, if j don’t have a fight by next week and he wins, who knows, that could be it, you know? But, there’s no one else. Me and [Dustin] Poirier had a thing online, I know that’s not going to happen. I’m realistic, I’m not going to fight Nick Diaz, not going to fight Nate Diaz, I’m realistic with myself.

– Sean Brady via ESPN MMA

Brett also asked Sean how long he is willing to wait for a answer from anyone on a fight.

I don’t want to wait till September, I want to fight in August. I think there’s plenty of good cards in August, there’s a August 27th card that might be in like Louisiana or something like that, that’s like my deadline, you know, that’s the last, I don’t want to push it past that date.

– Sean Brady via ESPN MMA

Hopefully soon, 15-0 Sean Brady can find a fight, and we will be sure to keep you updated on any news regarding a potential matchup.

Sean Brady also detailed battling a foot infection that almost took his leg and a broken nose in the past, which you can listen to in the full interview below:

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