Best Moments In Hell In A Cell History

Best moments in Hell in a Cell history

There’s no doubt about it, Hell in a Cell is one of WWE’s most violent matches. Every match brings with it a lot of potential for people to get badly hurt. However, this match is also one of WWE’s most popular.

Many people are more than happy to turn up to the chosen venue in the hope to get a glimpse of all that these matches have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the very best moments in Hell in a Cell history.

Brock Lesner versus The Undertaker – 2002

Back in 2002, Brock Lesner was up against The Undertaker. He had already beaten The Rock and achieved the title of WWE Champion. His next big match was to become history. Lesnar did a really good job of spending time with someone as legendary as The Undertaker, even if it was in a cell. With a broken hand, The Undertaker was not quite as good as he usually was. However, this did not stop the well-known wrestler from operating at a very high level. Despite his attempts, The Undertaker did not achieve his goal. He was beaten by Lesner.

This is not really a result that many people were expecting. It’s likely that they would have placed a bet on The Undertaker to win. However, they would have been disappointed. Those who had wagered their best free bet offers on Lesner would not have been sorry. Their bets would have come up and they would have been in on the money. The Undertaker was probably pretty sore and a sore loser.

Batista versus Triple H – 2005

In 2005, Batista was more popular than ever before. He was about to fight Triple H, who may have been jealous about his recent World Heavyweight Champion win. Triple H was more than ready to fight Batista in the ring. However, it seemed that the fighter’s rivalry came to an abrupt end when they both took part in Hell in a Cell.

The match that took place was probably one of the very best that either of them had taken part in. While Batista looked very strong, Triple H pushed his opponent to his very limit. However, Batista kept hold of his title and made his way to SmackDown, leaving Triple H behind.

The New Day versus The Usos – 2017

In 2017, the New Day fought against The Usos to bring spectators a fight they were pretty glad they saw. There was a feud between the two teams that was set to revolutionize tag team wrestling. Big E and Xavier Woods were there to make a point. The fight they were about to enter was set to make them Hell in a Cell champions.

All four fighters were there to fight magnificently, and they did just that. While there were a few false finishes, much to the dismay of the spectators, The Usos’ won. This saw The Usos’ take the SmackDown Tag Team title.

Bayley versus Sasha Banks – 2020

Bayley was in the middle of an incredible 380-day reign as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. While this is quite something, she was to fight against Sasha Banks, who was hoping that the fight would go in her favor.

Sasha Banks found that she was the one to win the Hell in the Cell match. Not a lot of people expected Banks to win, but she did thanks to Bayley tapping out. Perhaps Bayley realized that there was no point fighting any further. Sasha Banks was determined to win.

The Undertaker versus Edge – 2008

In 2008, WWE’s The Undertaker and Edge’s feud was very noticeable. However, it was The Undertaker who was hoping to put an end to the feud by winning the match. It seems that The Undertaker’s desire to win was enough to make sure he defeated Edge. Thanks to The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver that he was well-known for, Edge stood no chance.

Anyone who had placed a bet on Edge would have been disappointed. Despite how they may have hoped that things had gone in Edge’s favor, it was not to be this time. Only those who had placed a bet on The Undertaker were able to collect any winnings.

The world of wrestling has so much to offer. It’s highly entertaining and delivers results that no one could expect. When it comes to highly regarded events, Hell in a Cell certainly is. This event offers a great deal, and it looks as though the next Hell in a Cell will delight wrestling fans everywhere.