The Case of Lucha Bros and Andrade

Andrade and the Lucha Bros will not be part of the upcoming joint PPV between AEW and NJPW, Forbidden Door. This is not surprising considering the beef AAA and CMLL have had for a long time.

Andrade and Lucha Bros not being part of this show is a shame and takes out 3 talented wrestlers out of the show, as well as preventing a Los Ingobernables reunion between LIJ with Rush and Andrade, something alot of fans wanted to see.

Lucha Bros’ case is not a surprise what so ever. NJPW values their relationship with CMLL and they would never do anything that could jeopardize it. Booking the Lucha Bros to a NJPW show could be seen as an insult by CMLL.

Andrade and The Lucha Bros are the just a few names on the long list of wrestlers that got screwed because of this feud between the two biggest promotions in Mexico.

The beef between CMLL and AAA is a long standing feud going back a long time ago. The reasons to their hatred of one another is a very long subject and worth discussing another time.

If Andrade and The Lucha Bros ever want to work in a NJPW ring, they’ll have to wait for hell to freeze.