PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Weekend – Recap, Results and Review

This past weekend was one of Europe’s biggest Wrestling events of the calender year as the PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 returned for the first time since 2019.

Three days of incredible matches, new champions, returns and debuts as well as plenty of incredible announcements for future events.

16 of the best independent talents from around the world competed in a singles elimination tournament over three days with winner being crowned the new PROGRESS World Champion. Plus 3 other championship matches and the culmination of one the most intense rivalries in PROGRESS history between Spike Trivet and Cara Noir.

Day One Results;

Charlie Dempsey defeated Charles Crowley

* Dempsey moves on to the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Malik defeated Callum Newman

* Malik moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Kid Lykos defeated Maggot

* Lykos moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Aramis defeated Robbie X

* Aramis moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Chris Ridgeway defeated Dean Allmark

* Ridgeway moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Warren Banks defeated Big Damo

*Banks moves on to the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Gene Munny defeated Ricky Shane Page

* Munny moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Johnny Progress defeated Jack Evans

* Johnny Progress moves on the SSS16 Quarter Finals

Day One Review

A great way to kick off the weekend, some great matches from start to finish and so many amazing performances it would be difficult to to pick an MVP for show one.

A phenomenal debut from Aramis who took on Robbie X in what would be the top pick of the show, Callum Newman put in a performance that showed he belonged to be among the top stars of the UK despite the defeat to Malik.

Ridgeway and Allmark put on an absolute clinic whilst matches such as Munny vs Ricky Shan Page and Warren Banks vs Big Damo provided us some big men slapping meat contests, Maggot and Lykos and Charlie Dempsey vs Charles Crowley matches provided some great technical matches plus more than few entertaining spots.

The main event was given to two of the most experienced performers with Jack Evans and Jonhny Morri… Mund…, Elit…, Superst…, Impa…, Progress put in a performance that was more than worthy of being in the main event.

3 and ¾ stars

On a side note, during the intermission young superstar and recent AEW signing Nick Wayne was announced for the upcoming Chapter 136: 24/7, on 24th of July, It was also announced that Anthony Ogogo will be making an appearance on Day 3 and he was looking for a fight.

Day 2 Results

Sunshine Machine Defeat The 0121 & Smokin’ Aces

* Sunshine Machine Win the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships

Big Damo defeated Dean Allmark

Gene Munny defeated Malik

* Munny moves on to the SSS16 Semi Finals

Luke Jacobs defeated Big Guns Joe

* Jacobs was then confronted by Axel Tischer before their Atlas Championship Match on Day 3

Chris Ridgeway defeated Charlie Dempsey

* Ridgeway moves on the SSS16 Semi Finals

Close Personal Friends defeated Ricky Shane Page, Robbie X, Maggot and Jack Evans

* Charles Crowley tried to insert himself into the match but was escorted out by security

Alex Windsor defeated Lizzy Evo and Raven Creed

* Lana Austin attacked Raven Creed during her match only for it to backfire, when Lana tried to suck up to Alex Windsor for pinning Creed, Windsor knocked Lana to the mat with a stiff forearm

Warren Banks defeated Kid Lykos

* Banks moves on the SSS16 Semi Finals

Johnny Progress defeated Amaris

* Progress moves on the SSS16 Semi Finals

Spike Trivet defeated Cara Noir – Cara Noir must now leave Progress

Day 2 Review

Day two, this is how you follow a great show you put on an incredible show, PROGRESS kicked things off hot with the triple threat tag team championship Ladder Match, Smoking Aces vs Sunshine Machine vs the 0121. What a way to start a show all 6 participants Chuck Mambo, TK Cooper, Nick Riley, Charlie Sterling, Man Like Dereiss and Dan Maloney exceeded expectations, the fans erupted as Sunshine Machine climbed the ladder and reached for the titles, pulling them before raising them above their heads.

Each of the super strong style matches delivered once again with the Johnny Progress and Amaris being the highlight amongst them as the two competitors once again possibly stealing match of the night. We had a mix of different matches involving competitors who were eliminated from the SSS16 first round. The 8 man tag match featuring the close personal friends was a truly incredible display of acrobatics and tag combinations and manoeuvrers including, Danny Black and Just Joe Lando hitting moonsaults to the outside as Callum Newman hit a phoenix splash to the inside simultaneously from the same turn buckle, that was certainly a highlight.

Then there was the main event featuring one of most dynamic wrestling rivalries in all of wrestling, outside the top two promotions, the match was violent but beautiful, violent yet stunning, compelling and dramatic.

4.5 stars

During the day two intermission it was announced that DDT/AEW star Kanosuke Takeshita will be part of the Deadly Viper Tour’s Copperhead and Cottonmouth shows on the 13th and 14th of August in Sheffield and Newcastle.

Day 3 Results

Ricky Shane Page, Charlie Dempsey, Dean Allmark and Charles Crowley defeated Big Damo, Callum Newman, Jody Fleisch and Maggot

Warren Banks defeated Johnny Progress

* Banks moves on the SSS16 Final

Chris Ridgeway defeated Gene Munny

* Ridgeway moved on to the SSS16 Final

Kanji Defeated Gisle Shaw

* Kanji wins the PROGRESS Women’s Championship

* Gisele Shaw picked up the first fall, with Kanji picking up the second and third fall.

Jack Evans and Amaris defeated Lykos Gym

Anthony Ogogo defeated Tate Mayfairs

Luke Jacobs defeated Axel Tischer

* Jacobs retains the PROGRESS Atlas Championship

Chris Ridgeway defeated Warren Banks

* Ridgeway wins PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 2022 to become the new PROGRESS World Champion.

Day 3 Review

The final day had a lot to live up to following the action of day 2 and it did it’s very best to do so, to begin with we got another Multi man match to open the show and it was thoroughly entertaining. Once again Robbie X and Callum Newman stood out in the match for their incredible abilities but it was the interactions between Charles Crowley and Maggot that stole the show.

Tate Mayfairs vs Anthony Ogogo was a quick match that showed Ogogo continues to improve every time he steps in the ring, Amaris put on another amazing display alongside Jack Evans against Lykos Gym who’s creative antics are always amusing.

Both Title matches were fantastic, Jacobs and Wolfe started slow to show their technical prowess before it became a back forth hard hitting battle. Kanji and Gisele Shaw was fast and technical but neither women was afraid to strike there was high drama and jubilation as Kanji regained the championship belt she never lost.

Of Course there was the semi finals and final of the Super Strong Style tournament, the crowd were hopeful with a split between either Banks or Munny as crowd favourites but Morrison or Ridgeway could play spoiler. Banks held his own in the semi final against Johnny Progress proving any doubters that he did deserve to be at the top of British Wrestling. It would be Ridgeway who played spoiler first crushing the dreams of Gene Munny who had been campaigning for three years to be part of Super Strong Style you could feel the collective heart break of fans as Ridgeway forced a referee stoppage advancing to finals. It would be up to Banks to send the fans home happy as support of crowd was firmly on his side but alas once again it was Chris Ridgeway who dashed the hopes of the fans the dreams of Banks for the win with the heightened drama, this was an excellent professional wrestling match.

Then there was caveat of the fallout from Day two’s main event as Spike Trivet addressed the crowd then invited not Coir Noir to the ring but rather Tom Dawkins as Spike would offer Tom a branch to stay in PROGRESS, but just not as Coir Noir but as Tom Dawkins.

4 Stars

On the third day during the intermission it was announced that DDT star and former Progress star Chris Brookes would be returning PROGRESS to be part of the Deadly Viper Tour’s California Mountain Snake show on the 25th of September in Birmingham.

Final Thoughts

This was a tremendous weekend of British Wrestling presented by one of the top promotions in Europe, the attendance was not as large as PROGRESS would’ve liked but this is a new promotion who are beginning to win their fans back and I would expect them to continue to grow. I do question if shows needed to be over 18 shows although I believed this is due to venue and I feel this is a new PROGRESS who are no longer the punk rock of pro wrestling and maybe this could be looked at in the future.

I honestly believe it was Charles Crowley and Maggot who were the MVP’s of the weekend despite being eliminated from the Super Strong Style tournament Crowley had already captured the British Wrestling audience but it was great to see fans take to Maggot and support him, would hope to see more of him in British Wrestling. I would also love to see Amaris in the UK, an exceptional wrestler he represented Lucha wrestling with pride and honour and his creative and innovation captured the audiences attention.

Would also hope to see more of Robbie X in the future as he was outstanding all weekend, it was great to see the Close Personal Friends pick up a win as team, Dempsey is an incredible throwback to classic British Wrestling.

Munny and Banks proved that they deserve to be at the top of card alongside the likes of Spike Trivet, the former Cara Noir and new Champion Chris Ridgeway, seeing Ridgeway capture the PROGRESS world championship after so many failed attempts was another high despite him playing spoiler.

4 and ¼ stars

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Written by Andy More (@GBOtaku82) of the Tea and Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast (@TeaandtightsPod)

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