Mustafa Ali Discusses Having No Representation In WWE Growing Up

Mustafa Ali has spoken at length of how he feels WWE have treated Muslim talent wrongly in the past with little to no positive characters in the past for the young talent to look up to in his childhood in the early days of his burgeoning pro wrestling career.

While speaking with FOX 32 Chicago, Mustafa Ali talked about the lack of representation of people of color in the early days of WWE as he grew up.

“It is everything and it’s not meant to be a sappy story but growing up as a life long WWE fan. Even as a Muslim kid in America, I didn’t have someone. I had nobody. I didn’t have any representation. I didn’t have any good guy to cheer for. Anyone that looked like me or was on TV was a bad guy. They wished harm upon America like these stereotypical roles.”

Mustafa Ali to Fox 32 Chicago

Mustafa is currently working a program with US Champion Austin Theory and will face Theory for the championship at WWE Hell In A Cell this Sunday.

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